Behind the Bag – Welcome, classic baseball and ballpark fans!

tomshea08aBEHIND THE BAG will attempt to illuminate the smaller stories behind the big teams, big parks and big games of the classic baseball park era (up to approximately 1970). Those who are regulars to’s Ballparks forums will know me as “alpineinc”, a long-time poster who scours the ends of the internet for classic photos and articles that would otherwise be forgotten. From there, I decided to start this blog to expand on themes and ideas started there. Also, enjoy the rotating classic ballpark headers above, classic shots of classic parks! And, many photos on this site will be linked to larger versions that open in separate tabs/windows for closer viewing. Anyway, enjoy and feel free to respond to anything here, and also check us out on Twitter as well at BehindTheBag. Happy reading!

~ Tom Conmy (alpineinc)


9 thoughts on “Behind the Bag – Welcome, classic baseball and ballpark fans!

    1. Graig, I appreciate the kind words from an outstanding artist. Similar to your exceptional work, often a quick capture of a fleeting moment can have a great deal of nostalgic and emotional power. I’ll have to stay on my game with pros like you watching, lol! Thanks again.

  1. I just discovered this website and think it’s GREAT! I’ve loved baseball since my first game at the LA Coliseum in Aug. of ’58 (Giants vs. Dodgers). I was 7 years old and was rewarded with a championship the next year as an avid Dodger fan. My favorite old-time park though was Seals Stadium in SF. Do you have any stories/photos of that cozy stadium? Please let me know. Thanks.

    Happy baseball,
    Jim Montemurro

    1. Thanks for the kind words! That LA Coliseum was a tough fit for baseball, wasn’t it! I’m sure I can add a post or two about the Coliseum, and old Seals as well. Watch this space!

  2. Thanks Tom. I look forward to the posts. Boy, do I wish I could go back in time for just one day to old Seals Stadium! Jim

  3. Hi Tom – Any photos of Tito Francona, Rocky Colavito, & that tough Cleveland Indians team of 1959, managed by Joe Gordon? Saw them lose a Sunday DH in Sept. of that year at Yankee Stadium (I was 8), which doomed their chances for an AL flag. Billy Martin, Minnie Minoso, & Jimmy Piersall were also on that club. Hope you have some vintage snapshots. You’re the best Tom!

    Jim Montemurro
    Westfield, NJ

  4. Hi Tom – Check out today for the last 3 innings of Jim Maloney’s 10 inning no-hitter vs. the Cubs 8/19/65. Wow! Just great nostalgia.
    Let me know what you think.

    Really miss your postings.

    Jim Montemurro
    Westfield, NJ

    1. Hi James, yes, that is a great video! I believe that is now the oldest regular season color broadcast that exists, and it is amazing, especially seeing the classic sleeveless Reds unis. Sorry about the lack of posts, I’ve really been so busy with work this year. Hoping to find some time to add some things before the year is out.

  5. Great hearing from you Tom. Oh, if I could just get in a Time Machine and go back to see Sandy Koufax pitch & Clemente throw a clothesline from RF, I’d be in my glory!
    Your website is the best!
    Do you live in NJ?
    Great hearing from you.

    Jim Montemurro
    Westfield, NJ

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