In Memoriam: Al Jackson

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Al Jackson Mets team firsts:
– First shutout (4/29/62)
– First 1-hitter (& 2nd SHO) (6/22/62)
– First win & SHO at Shea Stadium (4/19/64)
– Had Mets only SHOs of ’62 (4)
– Outdueled Bob Gibson 1-0 twice, in ’62 & ’64, only times Mets beat Gibson until ’67
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4 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Al Jackson

  1. “Little” Al Jackson was a sweetheart of a man. Diminutive in size but with a huge heart. Soft spoken, intelligent and a pleasure for Mets fans right from the beginning.
    Also, an occasionally brilliant pitcher who got the most out of his talent, giving everything he had on the mound every time out.
    Though 83 is “a ripe old age,” he still left us too soon. He will be greatly missed, but we also have nothing but wonderful memories.
    Best, Bill Schaefer

    1. Thanks Bill, always greatly enjoy your contributions to the site. With time constraints BTB’s been very active on Twitter as I find little time to write at length for the blog, but will try to do so again more often. But catch us on Twitter, would love to see you on there as well! Take care, Tom C

  2. He once pitched a 15 inning gem and lost the game thanks to a “Marvelous Marv” miscue. “Little Al” was a reliable, rubber-armed, innings-killer pitcher who later went on to help the ‘ 67 Cardinals win the WS! Check out his stats with St. Louis. The guy could flat out pitch! He became a distinguished pitching coach for a few teams and Ron Darling loved him. So did I.

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