Pastime Portraiture: Mickey Mantle

Another in a series of great baseball portraits that almost no one knows. Mantle, Yankee Stadium, May 14, 1955. He went 2-4 against the Tigers that day, including a triple, and a single with 2 outs in the 9th to continue the game-winning rally as the Yanks scored 3 in the final frame to win it, 7-6, Mantle scoring the winning run. Just a day’s work for the consummate modern-day Yankee slugger.

This was the shot used on the June 18, 1956 Sports Illustrated cover, but with restrained color. Here’s the photo in it’s pre-magazine-processed glory; be sure to click through for a somewhat larger version.

Yet another great Hy Peskin shot, check out his site and buy a classic photo or two:

Hy Peskin Collection – Baseball



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