Pastime Portraiture: Willie Mays


Rare shot of Willie Mays, spring training, 1950’s. There is nothing I can add to this photo, just enjoy it.

Yet another great Hy Peskin shot, check out his site and buy a classic photo or two:

Hy Peskin Collection – Baseball


2 thoughts on “Pastime Portraiture: Willie Mays

  1. I still say he’s the greatest ever! He not only was the most talented 5-tool player plus he was a defensive gem (glove, arm, & legs) and LEADER on & off the field and in the clubhouse. He showed his true sportsmanship in August of 1965 at Candlestick when he was the # 1 peacemaker in the terrible Roseboro-Marichal battle.

    There will only be 1 Say-Hey!

    Jim Montemurro
    Westfield, NJ

  2. Hard to argue that one! And eternally grateful to Joan Payson, the popular Mets’ owner, in bringing him back to New York for his final playing days. Unfortunately Joan’s daughter, who inherited the club, didn’t know a diamond-shaped field from a diamond ring, but that’s another story.

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