Pastime Portraiture: Nellie Fox


Nellie Fox, Yankee Stadium, June 19, 1955.

The Pale Hose would drop a doubleheader to the Yanks that day, with 2B Fox going 3-8 with a double. The perennial All-Star had a good year in ’55, playing every game, leading the league in AB’s and finishing 7th in AL MVP voting, but the Sox would finish third behind the Yankees. Fox would finally win the MVP with the pennant-winning Go-Go Sox of 1959. He died young, of skin cancer, in 1975. He was elected into the HOF by the Veterans Committee in 1997.

Yet another great Hy Peskin shot, check out his site and buy a classic photo or two:

Hy Peskin Collection – Baseball


4 thoughts on “Pastime Portraiture: Nellie Fox

  1. My first World Series. I was 8 years old in 1959 and a rabid Dodger fan after seeing them for my 1st game the previous year. 90+ thousand fans at the LA Coliseum vs Nellie, Looie, Early Wynn & the Go-Go Chicago White Sox.

    It is my honest opinion that even though Luis Aparicio is in the HOF, Maury Wills truly revolutionized the game of baseball with his never-seen-before daring speed on the basepaths! HE CHANGED THE GAME!

    Jim Montemurro
    Westfield, NJ

    1. Agreed with Wills, but his SBs did drop off quickly, as his CSs rose, not unusual for a career based on speed. And had a decent BA but not exceptional. I’d say he falls short.

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