Camera Day at classic Shea!

Hello all, been so busy with work lately that I haven’t had much time to write or research, so getting by with ninja strikes of great photos for a short while.

Here’s some photos that I took at Camera Day 1974 (Saturday, August 10) as a young tyke, and finally got around to scanning. Loved these events, getting to see my heroes up close and personal. A little blurry, but hey, I was only 11 and cameras were much less fancy in those days.

Nothing beats good old Shea in its heyday, especially with us Mets fans; the grass was always greener, the sun always brighter. Oh, and not surprisingly, the Reds and Don Gullett bested Tom Terrific and the Amazins, 5-3. Ray Sadecki himself would take the loss by allowing 2 runs in the 8th, but they were unearned due to a Felix Millan error. Ah, the good old days.


Ken Boswell, Ray Sadecki



Jerry Grote



Tug McGraw sporting a beret



Jon Matlack



Duffy Dyer



Ron Hodges and Duffy Dyer


2 thoughts on “Camera Day at classic Shea!

  1. Great shots! Boy, that McGraw was quite a character. I loved him – except in the ’77 & ’78 NL playoffs when he was with the Phillies – I was a huge Dodger fan in those days. Since the O’Malley family sold the team I do not have the same passion for them. In fact, I root for the Red Sox now. To me, there’s no purpose in backing the Dodgers anymore but I won’t tell Lasorda that. He’d take it personal and be mad at me.
    I would go to Shea all the time in the ’70’s. My wife was from Astoria, Queens and we’d visit her parents. A lot of times I’d go off to a game with her brother. They were great times.
    Thank you for such a special site for baseball lovers.

    Jim Montemurro
    Westfield, NJ

    1. Good stuff. Yeah, I grew up at Shea, grandparents lived in Jamaica, and could see Shea from their attic as a little boy. Spend many a day in the upper deck with my buddies, who now go to Citi Field to root on our Mets. But any photo of sunny Shea in the ’70’s brings it all back.

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